Test VR with Fristaden!


Come and try Virtual reality now at Spotlight 24/8! 

Now you have the chance to test drive rally in VR! We will be on site under the spotlight between 6-10 pm. 

There will be a home-built rally chair with adjustable driver's seat with steering wheel, pedals and gear lever and which is connected to a vr set! The game Dirt rally has an age limit of pg3 so everyone can drive ;) ATTENTION! Age limit for Dirt rally vr: 12 years! 

When it comes to vr and/or games, we follow the standard recommendations given when playing. You can read more about them at the bottom of this page. We will be using Playstation 4 and there will be a 65" TV in the tent so your friends can watch your success on the screen while you drive your rally race!