Environmental thinking for a greener future!

Here you can find information, links and points on how to sort your waste and have the opportunity to participate , influence our environment towards a greener and cleaner future!

You can help minimize the environmental impact caused by waste. When you sort and return packaging waste according to instructions on ecopoint, then your efforts are not to be wasted. The packaging waste that you have sorted is reused as a raw material in the manufacture of new products. 

Recycling saves energy and natural resources, because thanks to recycling, the need to use completely ned materials in he manufacture of new products is reduced. 



Cardboard packaging:

Milk package, pizza boxes, fast food packaging ( for example mcdonalds), empty toilet paper rolls. paper and so on.


Plastic packaging:

Pet-bottles, yogurt packaging, shampoo bottles, plastic bags, plastic used to contain meats. cheese packaging.

Just remember to wash them in advance!


Metal objects:

Tuna cans, foil, lids, hairspray cans, painting cans, aerosol bottles without print and so on.

Households´ small metal objects

Pots and pans, silverware, scissors, tools, screws and spikes, tea lights.


To think about.

Do not leave crafted glass as in coffee pots, drinking glasses, pot lids and pans, porcelain or ceramics, 

Crystal or opal glass as for decoration purposes or cosmetic packaging.

Window or mirror glass, lightbulbs.

Health care packaging , injection bottles and ampoules.


To learn more about waste packaging click on this link Rinki