Terms and Conditions


Fristaden rf provides electronic services thru the internet as of membership and forms. The process of being a membership is to purchase and sign a membership agreement with Fristaden. Then the member gets access to our services in accordance with the parties´ agreement applied to the chosen memberships agreement. These general conditions apply to Fristaden r,f  provision of the services to the subscriber. As a member you will get you personal membership number to have access to services. These general conditions thus form part of the agreement between parties.

1. Membership time period 

The membership runs on the basis of the agreement and is automatically extended in the event of no notice. Termination must be made in writing to the association before end of the contract period.

2. Membership fee

The membership fee is invoiced for the selected contract period after the contract has been concluded and according to the yearly price list.  Invoicing fee is added in accordance with selected invoicing method. All prices are excluding VAT. Refunds of membership fees do not take place during the current membership period. The membership fee is revised once a year. Fristaden r.f. reserves the right to change the membership fee for the upcoming period if the conditions have changed or for some other reason it does not correspond to the previous monthly fee.

3. Payment terms and late payment interest

3.1.Payment is made thru invoice 

The invoice amount must be available on Fristaden r.f bank account no later than five (5) days after the due date. In the event of delayed payment, a request for continued membership will be sent. In the event of late payment, Fristaden r.f has the right to direct termination of the membership without any other circumstances. 

3.2. Special payment terms for e-commerse

The following payment options are currently offered in e-commerce, ie. when contracts are signed directly via www.fristaden.fi Bank transfer, Post, Online invoice, e-invoice (pdf) The order is completed when the general conditions have been accepted and the purchase has been approved In connection with this, an email confirmation containing personal member details is automatically sent to the service you have chosen. The money is not withdrawn from the account until the username and password have been obtained. Fristaden r.f offers card payment.

4. Membership

Membership takes place by the member receiving an email confirmation with their membership information, which consists of a membership number sent by Fristaden r.f. and thus gets access to the association's magazine and selected membership. The membership number is personal and applies only to one member and may not be transferred. 

5. Reimbursement

Reimbursement of the membership fee takes place within 30 days at the latest in the event that the Member cancels the purchase on valid grounds within 14 days of purchasing the membership. The refund will be made via the original payment method used when purchasing the membership (bank transfer does not apply) The refund method of the membership fee can also be made in consultation with the wishes of the member. The overheads for refunding the membership are added as a refund fee for the member. 

6. Right to withdrawal

By entering into the Agreement, the customer agrees that the right of withdrawal shall not apply. 

7. Complaint

If you have any questions regarding refunds or the right to cancel, please contact Fristaden r.f via info@fristaden.fi or via mobile: +358 46 840 6423. 

8. Mainteance

Fristaden r.f reserves the right to maintain and thereby modify the content on the website and in the webshop. Further development and updating of all Fristaden's services takes place on an ongoing basis. 

9. Transfer of membership

Membership may not be transferred without written consent from someone on Fristadens board. 

10. Suspension of membership

Members who do not fulfill their obligations towards the association or who clearly oppose the association and its aims, may be excluded at an association meeting. Fristaden reserves the right to suspend a membership with immediate effect and cancel the membership without repayment obligation if the member uses the services in an inappropriate manner. Fristaden r.f. also has the right to suspend a membership and cancel the membership if the member does not pay an overdue invoice, applies for or is requested in liquidation or bankruptcy or can otherwise be assumed to be insolvent. 

11. Miners

For membership for children under 13, we require the guardian's approval. 

12. Personal data

Personal and company data are stored, encrypted and processed confidentially by Fristaden r.f. in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204). Fristaden r.f. is the personal data controller for the treatments and has the right to use this personal data to store the necessary customer information in order to complete the membership. Personal data that is stored is first name, last name, invoice address, e-mail address, phone number and organization number. Fristaden r.f. may disclose personal data to the necessary authorities in accordance with the business's commitment according to law. The Registered Member has the right to request a register extract in order to check what information is registered. The personal data controller is obliged, at the request of the data subject, to correct information that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading. The Registrant also has the right to have their data deleted on request. When ordering the Services, the customer gives his consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the above.

13. Limitation of liability 

Fristaden r.f. is not responsible for how the member uses or applies the membership and also has no responsibility towards third parties for the member's application or use of the membership. Fristaden r.f. is not responsible for any changes and additions that the member makes in connection with the use of the ordered membership. The content of the documents included in the membership are based on Fristadens Statutes. Fristaden r.f. is not responsible for the accuracy of downloaded documents in the future. Fristadens services must not be seen as legal, political or financial activities. Fristaden r.f. is not responsible for any loss of data by the member when using Fristaden r.f. services. 

16. Force majeure

The parties are released from liability for violations of the Membership caused by circumstances beyond the party's control, such as disturbances or interruptions in public data or telecommunications networks, accident, fire, lightning strike, explosion, war, riot, flood, natural disaster, labor dispute (whether or not it involves the party's staff or not) or changed authority regulation or authority intervention. In order for such a circumstance to be invoked as grounds for exemption, the party must notify the other party without delay. The party's obligations under the Agreement re-enter as soon as such circumstance as mentioned no longer exists.

17. Customers service

Fristadens customer service provides support during weekdays between 10 - 17 during normal office hours. We are closed on weekends. Support mainly refers to information about the membership and its content. 

18. Additional information

In the event of a conflict between Fristaden r.f. and the General Terms and Conditions, the Fristaden r.f. regulations shall take precedence. Otherwise, reference is made to parts of Fristadens Statutes and the general provisions of the Associations Act. 

19. Applicable law and dispute 

Agreements and general conditions shall be interpreted and applied according to Finnish substantive law. Disputes related to this shall finally be settled by a general court.