Children´s convention

This is our page where you will find links to information about human right and what "Convention on the Rights of the Child" is. This is the foundation of the work we do. 

 All children has the same rights. This are their principals.

  • Children are not to be discriminated.
  • The child's opinion shall be respected
  • The child's best interests must always be considered
  • Children have the right to life and development

Children's rights are protected by FN convention and the finnish laws for example " Child protection act"

In de foundational law of Finland it says that " Children shall be treated as equal individuals and they must have a right to co-influence according to their level of development in matters that concern themselves."

Everyone between the ages of 0-18 is a child.

Childrens rights

  • No child shall be discriminated
  • The child's best interest must always be considered
  • The state must support the guardian in upbringing
  • Children have the right to identity in official records
  • Children have the right to a family and have a relationship with their relatives if it is good for them
  • Children have the right to their opinion as long as it doesn't infringe on anyone else's right
  •  Children have the right to freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of religion with their age taking into account 
  • Children has the right to play and leisure as well as privacy
  • Children have the right to information in a manner that is appropriate given the child´s age
  • Children have the right to social security and reasonable standard of living
  • Children have the right to education and teaching of good quality
  • Children have the right to language and culture and the right to join associations 
  • Children must be protected against drug abuse, child trafficking and work that is harmful to their development
  • Children must have the right to measures that promote rehabilitation after neglect and abuse 

- Unicef

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