This is our story

We once had a dream as kids to fit in, to be heard, to have our own space were we could gather and meet up with friends. We grew up, had a family of our own and forgot about our dream. Until one day, when our kids got older and shared with us that they were lacking what we once dreamed about. And what we soon discovered was that the youth in today's society doesn't have a safe space and is not being seen or heard. The statistics show a frightening trend of bad mental health in today´s youth we want to break the negative pattern and give back hope to these kids. There shall be a safe haven where kids can meet up with their friends! There shall be a place where they can be seen and heard! There shall be a place where you can come and dream about your future plans and there shall be a place to get counseling and support to fulfill them!

That's where we got the reason to start working on the idea of Fristaden! 

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We are working towards kids and youth having a safe and stable future in Jakobstad. Our organisation will provide with a youth center in the center of Jakobstad. Where in the mornings it will be open for stay at home mothers and fathers where they can meet over a cup of coffee meanwhile the kids will have access to educational playtime. In the early afternoon kids who does not have an after school practise will be able to attend the facility. And in the evenings it will accommodate teenagers and youth up to 18 years of age.  With games, movie nights or just a place to hang out in a safe environment.

Once a month we have a scheduled meeting where we go thru our statistics and progress from our different platforms. 

Our present goal is to open the doors of our premises. To gather as much members as we can and to soon find members who finds the joy to be a part of our organisation and to help develop the basics and purpose of Fristaden.  To create different events where we can activate kids to a healthy practise on their freetime like event nights in the  youth center, local road trips, visits to prehistoric places in Finland, different shows and entertainment during the weekends.

Fristaden organisation is completely dependent on subsidy from members and other companies. We accept donations, testaments, sponsors, from different foundations and organisations. 

Everything Fristaden gets goes straight to out our work toward getting the space for the youth to develop into safe young adults.   

If you want to learn more how you can support our cause please contact us for more information..

Small changes is a big difference!

"Nobody can to everything, but everyone can do something"


Our board team!

Linda Backlund


Romeo Larsson

Vice Executive

Anette Björklund



Shani Andersson

Board member