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Fristadens small-scale collection  

 17.07.2022 - 16.10.2022.

Registration number for our collection: RA/2022/1035

Primary use of funds from small-scale fundraising:

Down payment on future room rent in Jakobstad and making purchases of materials for children and young people for the youth room and to develop Fristaden operations. 

Secondary use of funds from small-scale fundraising:

Development of association activities in the form of being able to continue with Fristaden Samaritans and with the possibility of employing the Long-Term Unemployed in more locations in Ostrobothnia. 

Here you can choose to donate to the collection via mobilepay or via the button below which goes directly to our web shop. In the webshop you then choose how many of €1/piece in the shopping cart. We are grateful regardless of the size of the contribution! 

All funds will be used for the start-up of the youth center and the development of our activities with a focus on children and young people!

                                      MobilePay code: 85869 

How do voluntary donations work for the business? 

A donation to the association's activities is a completely voluntary donation/gift/support for Fristaden's activities.  

Your gift will be used for the various costs that are real for running a youth activity such as Fristaden r.f. ATTENTION! A donation/gift does not give membership or any benefit within Fristaden r.f, but is only a direct gift to the business.

If you wish to become a member, click here "Become a member" for more information. When you want to support our operation Fristaden with a voluntary donation/gift. Then you log in to your own bank and choose any amount. Mark the payment with "Voluntary support" Or you can pay via MobilePay with code: 74928. 

You can also go to our webshop and choose to make your donation/gift directly in the webshop by selecting "Donation/Gift". The minimum amount is €1 in the shopping cart, where you can then choose any number of that amount. If you would like more information regarding the small-scale collection or voluntary donations, please contact our chairman and organizer of the collection: Linda Backlund. mobile: +358 46840 6423. e-mail: We thank you for your support!


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