Fristaden r.f 

Help us create a safe and inclusive "Sanctuary" for everyone.

About us

Fristaden r.f. is a non-profit registered organization that has been active since May 2020. Our goal is to one day open the doors to a place for children and young people to gather and socialize in a caring and safe environment with their friends.


 The Fristaden r.f. - To give children and young people a safe haven.

In today's fast-paced world, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for our children and young people.

That is why the work in Fristaden r.f., a non-profit registered association, is so important.

In recent years, Fristaden r.f. also developed to be able to offer employment to a rehabilitative workplace by entering into an agreement with the Ostrobothnian welfare area.

Free homework help for children and youngsters 

Guidance services for young people via Fristaden's "Dare to Talk" 

A rehabilitative workplace 

RIKU Crime Victims Emergency. Support for children and young people dealing with trauma or difficult family situations 

Samaritans of the Fristaden. Career counseling and job training for young adults 

Access to a safe and welcoming space for young LGBTQ+ individuals 

Our work

Right now, we all work on a voluntary basis on the board and plan for various digital tips for employment. Once a month we have a monthly meeting where we go through the entire month's statistics from the association's various platforms and through the statistics try to develop the association one step further. At the monthly meeting, we evaluate the work we have done in the last month and go through what we want to move forward with and develop.

Opening hours 

Monday  10-17

Tuesday  10-17

Wednesday  10-17

Thursday  10-17

Friday  10-17

Price list 

Active Membership in Fristaden €20/month 

Passive Membership €15/month 

Mini supporters €10/year 

Advertising spaces in the association newspaper from... €100 

Web Ad Package from... €50 

Rental of equipment for sports and games €2/day 

Our team 

Our team consists of students, volunteers, happy pensioners and non-voluntarily unemployed people but who still wants to be involved and make a difference and create/shape the organisation for the best for the children and youngsters in the immediate area!

Linda Backlund


Phone number: 


e-mail: linda(at)

Romeo Larsson

Vice Chairman

Phone number:

e-mail: romeo(at)

Annette Björklund


Phone number:

e-mail: annette(at)

Shani Andersson

Board member

phone number:

e-mail: shani(at)


The secretarial service!

e-mail: info(at)

Fredrik Nixholm

Coordinator in Vaasa/Fristadens Samariter

e-mail: fredrik(at)

Our supporters & digital partners

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