New year new possibilities!


"Winnie the Pooh: What day is it?

 Piggy: It's today.

 Winnie the Pooh: It's my favorite day." 

A little look back at 2022 which has been both gratifying with many new members and followers. Thanks to the support from the William Thuring Foundation, this year has made it possible for Fristaden to develop the project Fristadens Samariter, which is still available as an activity for young people in Vaasa, plus we now have the opportunity to offer a workplace to those in need of a rehabilitative workplace.

 At the same time, we have been given the opportunity to offer children and young people in Jakobstad with activities such as Hupsi's trampoline, and we were able to participate in Spotlight and offer the young people to try driving ps4 Rally Virtual Reality during the evening. 

We have also had two different collection projects: Collection of school materials before the start of school and collection of Christmas gifts for the benefit of children and young people. We would like to thank everyone who joined and participated in the fundraiser! There were many gifts for the children and young people. Despite the sad news from the municipality about yet another rejection of our application to the municipality for support for the premises rent at the old power plant (which is next to the school park), we will continue to fight throughout 2023 to be able to reach our goals of opening the doors to a youth center! 

We are not going to give up! We will continue to fight for the children and young people's opportunity to have a Sanctuary to gather and stay in with their friends! 

Follow us for future projects, plans and events! Greetings from the Board!