Mini-supporter and a new "only member" page.


As a mini-supporter you can support Fristadens work with as little as 10€ a year! 

Though the diffrent from the other memberships that we have to offer, you dont get any monthley news letter or the organisations newspaper. But you do get access to our member page where all our members can read and follow our work in the organisation. 

Fristadens member page.

We have created a members only page to our members in Fristaden. There, our members can receive information from our board meetings (only in Swedish), register their interest as volunteers for various events. As well as a few other goodies. Like, among other things, our new membership recruitment system ;)

If you are already a member, you can register true the link below. 

Would you like to become a member? Or do you want to know more about the membership? This is how you find the information about the various options here.