Fristaden samariter is growing!


Fristadens is now looking for more clients for Fristadens' Samaritans! 

Fristadens Samariter was started as a project during the summer months of 2021.

 Due to this year's great demand, we have decided that Fristadens Samariter will be included as part of the business and has now become a year-round occupation for the young people! One of the news is that it does not only apply here in Jakobstad, 

But now there is also the opportunity for young people to become active Samaritans in VASA!

So that is why we are now looking for more clients!

Do you want to join in and give the young people a meaningful free time? 

It's free to register as a client! 

You only pay when a task has been completed!

 How and what, when and why?! 

  • How? 

You can register as a client via our google document: or you can contact us via e-mail, phone to register as a client.

  • What?

You choose yourself what you wish to get help with or offer as an assignment to the youth. The requirement is that it must belong to household services such as: snow shoveling, cleaning, dog walking, grass cutting, etc.

  • When?

You can choose to submit assignments on all days of the week, Monday-Friday between 08:00-19:00.

  • Why?

To give the young people a meaningful free time where they get a chance to perform and try the feeling of working for compensation at the same time, they get work experience and the feeling of helping in society and get to become part of a larger community and create a collaboration between young people and households.

You can read more and also register your assignments on Fristadens Samariter's own website, which you will find below when you click on the picture!

Fristaden Samaritans project
Fristaden Samaritans project