Annual Meeting 2023



Lindskogsgatan 20, 68 620 Pietarsaari

| 08.09.2023 | 17.30.

The platform for the meeting will open at 17:15 where there'll be an opportunity to prepare for the opening of the meeting. The digital platform for the meeting is Fristaden's Google Meet. The link is sent to all registered participants 15 minutes before the meeting starts at 5:15 p.m. It is possible to participate remotely if necessary or if the individual cannot partake on-site. See the attached file for more information on remote participation.

For statutory matters concerning the annual meeting, see the attached order paper regarding additional matters that will be dealt with at the meeting.

If an association member wants a matter to be dealt with at the association's annual meeting, they must notify the board of this in writing no later than 2 days prior so the matter can be added to the order paper under additional matters.

Linda Backlund / Chairman

Order Paper

Remote Participation

For participants in the annual meeting:

Fill in your contact details in the form, and the invitation will be sent to your email 15 minutes prior to the opening of the meeting.