1st Advent and the Christmas gift collection of 2023.


Fristaden's Christmas gift distribution that we held in Jakobstads town square in 2022 was greatly appreciated by the town's children and youth. Fristaden distributed out over 90 Christmas presents.

In the same manner as last year, Fristaden has already started collecting Christmas presents! Fristaden accepts gifts and donations in the same manner as last year.

As an example, you could contribute with:

  • Mittens, socks, hats, scarves, shoes, and jackets - for people of all ages.
  • Toys for children of all ages.
  • Sleds, snow sliders, skis, skates.
  • Board games, craft materials, PC or console games, game consoles, computers, controllers, mobiles, prepaid cards (calls/data).
  • Hygiene articles, make-up, hair products, perfumes, access cards for the local swimming hall, cinema tickets, gym cards, bedsheets, curtains, towels, and smaller carpets.
  • Confectionery, candy, cookies, soda.

OBSERVE! The gifts do not need to be wrapped. The gifts should, if possible, be put in transparent plastic bags.

Hygiene and make-up items should be unopened/new.

Fristaden wraps the gifts before the distribution.

The collection period is from 20/11/23–20/12/23

We collect the gifts Mon-Fri 10 am-5 pm in Fristaden's office located at 

Lindskogsgatan 20, 68 620 Jakobstad.

It is also okay to let us know your address, so Fristaden's workers/volunteers can pick up the gifts directly from your doorstep/home within the Jakobstad region.

The gifts for children and young people are handed out in the square during the Christmas week, Thursday & Friday 21/12–22/12 in Jakobstad.

More information is available from Fristaden's chairman Linda Backlund. 

E-mail: linda@fristaden.fi   Phone: 046-840 6423